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Tunisia MPs Fire Premier Over Economic Concerns

  • Largest party seeks to lead new national unity government
  • Country’s economic reforms hindered by political inflighting
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Tunisia to Form New Government After Firing PM


Tunisia will embark again on forming a new government after lawmakers fired the prime minister in the latest skirmish reflecting the struggle for political stability and economic growth in the birthplace of the Arab Spring.

Talks will begin on Monday and Nidaa Tounes, the second largest party in parliament, will push for a government of national unity led by one its members, Abddel-Aziz Al-Qoti, a senior party official, said in an interview. Habib Essid, who was ousted as prime minister following a no-confidence vote late on Saturday, was from outside the party. Nidaa Tounes had held the most seats in parliament before an intra-party rift allowed the moderate Islamist Ennahda party to take the lead.