Cybercriminal ’Sir Cash King’ Must Repay or Face Five More Years

  • Sean Benson will have sentence raised to 12 years in jail
  • Benson used stolen bank card details to buy music online

A British criminal who bought stolen bank card details from Russian hackers must repay his victims 554,0000 pounds ($730,000) or face another five years in jail.

Sean Benson, who went by the screen name "Sir Cash King,” has three months to come up with the money or have his seven-year sentence extended to 12 years, the U.K.’s Crown Prosecution Service said Friday in a statement. Benson was found guilty of fraud and money laundering a year ago after using the stolen details to buy music from his struggling online music business, the CPS said.

“It’s important to cut off this flow of cash, not only so criminals don’t benefit from their illegal activity, but also that their money may not be used to fund further crime,” Anthony Hill, specialist prosecutor at the CPS, said in the statement.

There were 5.8 million fraud and computer misuse offenses in England and Wales during the year through July, according to government statistics. Fraud is now the most prevalent crime in the U.K.

Benson used the money to fund a "lavish" lifestyle, including 40,000 pounds on a wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii.

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