France’s Cazeneuve Warns Against Demagoguery in Terror Fight

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warned Wednesday against “demagoguery” and abandoning legal constraints in an effort to stop terrorism.

“Abandoning the republic and principles of law to try to protect our values would be ceding, in demagoguery, to what the terrorists want,” Cazeneuve said after a cabinet meeting in Paris.

The comments come after opposition criticisms of the government for failing to provide security in France in the face of terrorism. Cazeneuve said that the government is eyeing 56 public events across the nation before the end of summer that require special security and is ready to cancel them if the demands are too great.

Speaking at the same press conference, Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that France has deployed 4,000 soldiers to provide extra security in Paris and 6,000 across the rest of the country.