Pursuits in Brief: New Travel Advances, the Best Vintage Ferrari

This is a Bloomberg Pursuits look at luxury.

From long lines at airport security to shrinking legroom in economy class, it may feel like with each passing year, global travel becomes more expensive and less convenient.

But in 2016, a string of new innovations are improving the quality of life for travelers, and increasing the ease of booking and embarking on long-distance trips. For example, the TSA is experimenting with new technology that will take human delays out of security lines, which will be at work in Chicago and Miami by the end of the year. Also, a plug-in from Expedia will allow you to input your frequent flier miles when you search for flights, and allow you to compare standard fares with your personal mileage-discount fares.

And finally, Standard Hotels have introduced a feature where you can check into your hotel room at any time of day, so if your flight arrives at 5 in the morning at JFK, you can be napping in your room at the Standard East Village by 7 am.

For those who prefer travel by road, a new classic car has turned red hot on the vintage market over the past couple of years. The Ferrari 308, which was made famous by Magnum P.I. and turned heads on the road from the late 70s to mid 80s, has been dramatically increasing in value at auction thanks to fans that grew up seeing it on the road. The average value is $71,000, which is up 190% from 2011. Earlier this year, a 1976 Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina went for $357,500 at auction—a world record for that line of cars.

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