Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Five Things You Need to Know About the Fed Meeting


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Every week, hosts Dan Moss, Kate Smith and Scott Lanman bring you a jargon-free dive into the stories that drive the global economy.

In the six weeks since the Federal Reserve last met, the world has been shaken by events far from the purview of the U.S. central bank: Brexit rattled Europe; France was struck anew by a major terror attack; and a military coup came close to succeeding in Turkey. Yet back home, leaving aside an increasingly chaotic presidential election, news on the economic front has been mostly positive -- more jobs are being created, for one. What does all this mean for the direction of interest rates? In this special bonus episode of the Benchmark podcast, reporters Chris Condon and Jeanna Smialek join host Scott Lanman to give you the five top things you need to know prior to this week's Fed meeting.