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Brand Identity

Trump's Shaky Coronation Conflicts With Law-and-Order Image

Party disunity and plagiarism accusations are threatening to derail Trump's efforts to repackage himself for the general election.
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Supercut: RNC Day 1 in 3 Minutes

Donald Trump recently rebranded himself as the law-and-order candidate, projecting strength and competence in the face of what he sees as rampant societal weakness and disorder. But his Republican coronation in Cleveland is threatening to drown that image in a sea of turmoil as millions of Americans tune into the election for the first time.

It started with bedlam in the arena during the first vote on Monday, and continued on Tuesday with his campaign's struggle to manage revelations that sections of the speech delivered by Melania Trump, Donald's wife, were apparently lifted from one delivered by Michelle Obama in 2008.