Mozambique Receives Almost $100 Million From Donors for Drought

Mozambique has received about $100 million to assist the victims of drought in the south of the country, according to its National Institute of Disaster Management.

The United Nations provided $60 million, the U.K. donated 20 million pounds ($22 million) while the World Bank gave $15 million, Paulo Tomas, the spokesman for the National Disaster Management Institute, told reporters late Saturday. The money will be spent on 450,000 people, although 1.5 million are affected by the drought.

Southern Africa is facing the worst drought in 35 years following the failure of two consecutive rainy seasons. The Southern African Development Community plans to appeal for $2.7 billion in humanitarian assistance for more than 40 million people in region hit by the adverse weather induced by the El Nino weather phenomenon, the bloc said in a statement on July 12.

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