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Kevin Durant Puts His Money and Celebrity Behind Postmates

The investment predates the NBA superstar's move to the Warriors, but he thinks being in San Francisco will present new business opportunities.
Photographer: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Earlier this summer, Kevin Durant did something that surprised and delighted a subset of basketball fans. He spent a day riding around New York on a fixed-gear bicycle, hand-delivering shoes to people who ordered them through the on-demand delivery service Postmates. It wasn’t the first time Durant had done something like this—he surprised a group of Oklahomans by showing up to play in their flag football game during the 2011 National Basketball Association lockout—but spending a day as a Postmates delivery guy wasn’t pure whimsy. Durant has good reason to drum up attention: he quietly bought a stake in the company this spring.  

The big Durant news, of course, came the following week when he announced he was joining the Golden State Warriors, a promising young team that came in second place in last year’s NBA championship. Durant described the move to the Bay Area primarily as a basketball decision, but it affords business opportunities as well. Durant seemed to hint at this in the statement he published announcing his decision on the Players’ Tribune (a website, not incidentally, that he owns a stake in.) Basketball aside, Durant wrote that he sought a situation that “encourages my evolution as a man: moving out of my comfort zone to a new city and community which offers the greatest potential for my contribution and personal growth.” His agent, Rich Kleiman, says that being in the Bay Area should present new business opportunities.