Photograph: Getty Images, Photo Illustration Tom Hall/Bloomberg

People Are Blaming Everything on Brexit

Because, of course.

#BlameBrexit is becoming the new #ThanksObama.

People are blaming life's little disappointments and misfortunes on Brexit, in a few moments of levity sprinkled among news of market tumult and political upheaval.

The weather was quickly pinned on the vote.

Even peculiar British weather.

Injuries were blamed on the referendum. Both actual...

...and not life-threatening.

Brexit was surely behind people being updated to the new Instagram feed, organized by an algorithm, against their will.

Then there's the horror of finding out that recorded episodes of beloved British soap opera "Coronation Street" aren't showing up. Clearly Brexit's fault.

And when a bunch of things go wrong at once, the cascade of calamities is definitely the referendum's fault.


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