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Netflix Co-Founder Wants to Sell You a Subscription to Go to the Movies

Mitch Lowe is taking over as CEO of movie-theater subscription service MoviePass.

Almost two decades after helping found Netflix, Mitch Lowe is turning his attention to another startup trying to change the way people watch movies. Lowe has taken over as chief executive officer at MoviePass, a five-year old company that offers an all-you-can-watch subscription service for movie theaters.

MoviePass gives subscribers a debit card that allows them to attend as many movies as they want. The service starts at about $30 a month, with higher prices in more expensive cities. The subscription covers 90 percent of movie theaters in the U.S., according to MoviePass. Still, the experience feels like a bit of a hack in most places, largely because theaters haven’t completely bought into the idea. Outside a Manhattan theater on Saturday night, there was a laminated card taped to the box office window explaining how the MoviePass process works. It was five paragraphs long.