British Pound Gains Most vs U.S. Dollar: Currency Scorecard

The British pound registered the biggest gain against the U.S. dollar among 15 major currencies today, strengthening 1.02 percent as of about 5:00 p.m. Tokyo time. The worst performer was the Japanese yen, which fell 0.65 percent. All percent changes were calculated on Tokyo trading day.

The following table ranks the best- and worst-performing major currencies against the dollar.

=============================    =============================
                      Percent                          Percent
Best Performing:       Change    Worst Performing:      Change
=============================    =============================
British pound            1.02    Swedish krona            0.29
South Korean won         0.95    Taiwan dollar            0.26
Norwegian krone          0.63    New Zealand dollar       0.25
Euro                     0.52    Australian dollar       -0.01
Danish krone             0.51    Mexican peso            -0.05
South African rand       0.42    Swiss franc             -0.34
Canadian dollar          0.39    Japanese yen            -0.65
Singapore dollar         0.39
=============================    =============================
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