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Amsterdam Bans Beer Bikes

No more “groups of naked men or women with an inflatable penis,” say locals.
Beer bikes' days on the streets of Amsterdam are numbered.
Beer bikes' days on the streets of Amsterdam are numbered.Franklin Heijnen/Flickr

Let’s be honest: We all hate beer bikes a little. These cumbersome pedal trucks for drinkers act as holding pens for braying bachelor parties, specifically the kind that have decided their inane drunkenness would be even more awesome if broadcast to an entire city from the comfort of an overgrown child’s toy. In Europe’s older cities, they act as magnets for tourists who like to show their appreciation for historic architecture mainly by whooping at it and peeing on it.

In the past week, news has come from Holland that shows just how unpopular beer bikes are. The city of Amsterdam hates them, too, and now they’re banning them.