EU President Underscores Unity Among Remaining 27 Member Nations

  • Tusk says leaders likely to meet without Cameron on Tuesday
  • EU law will continue to apply to EU until the U.K. leaves

European Union President Donald Tusk said the remaining EU nations will stay united in the face of the U.K.’s vote to leave the bloc.

“On behalf of the 27 leaders I can say that we are determined to keep our unity as 27,” Tusk told reporters in Brussels on Friday.

The heads of government -- minus David Cameron -- are likely to meet in the margins of the scheduled EU summit on Tuesday to plan the way forward, Tusk said. They may start considering where the EU goes from here, he said.

Tusk’s call to keep the EU together after Brexit comes as anti-European politicians in France and the Netherlands called for their countries to break away from the bloc.

“There’s no way of predicting all the political consequences of this event, especially for the U.K., but for sure this is not a moment for hysterical reactions,” Tusk said.

There will be “no legal vacuum,” before the U.K.’s departure, he said. “Until the United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union, EU law will continue to apply to and within the U.K.,” Tusk said. “By this I mean rights and obligations.”

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