Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

European Deals on Endangered List as Brexit Referendum Nears

If the U.K. votes to leave the European Union this week, it’ll mean a major upheaval for a number of industries that will suddenly find themselves unsure about regulations, their ability to raise funds and how British companies will fit in with the rest of the continent in the years ahead.

Companies on the cusp of major acquisitions or deals could be more vulnerable to the new complexities than most, not to mention huge swings in stocks and currencies. A vote to leave could erode mergers and acquisitions across Europe and hurt the value of assets on the continent, according to a survey of M&A professionals by Intralinks Holdings Inc. this month. Polls show a close race, with the two sides only a point or two apart.

“The M&A market really dislikes any degree of uncertainty, and this is huge uncertainty,” Frank Aquila, a New York-based partner focused on mergers and acquisitions at law firm Sullivan & Cromwell LLP said on Bloomberg TV Monday. 

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