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This Off-the-Menu Item Is New York's Most Decadent Dish

Petrossian's "Secret Soufflé" might also be New York's most expensive dish, at $2,500.
Photographer: Aeriel Brown/Bloomberg


It would be enough if Richard Farnabe, chef at Petrossian, served you two and a half ounces of Royal Ossetra caviar, to be enjoyed with 14-karat gold-plated spoons. Or if he whipped up a lighter-than-air soufflé to go with it. Or if he served it all with a shot of 200-year-old Hennessy Richard as some kind of over-indulgent coup de grâce. But depending on whom you ask, Farnabe has either gone off the rails or struck culinary gold: He has combined caviar, soufflé, and cognac into one dish, which he calls the Secret Soufflé.