Day After a Brexit ‘Wouldn’t Be a Good Day,’ EU’s Moscovici Says

European Union Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said a vote by the U.K. to leave the 28-nation bloc would be “a blow” to both Britain and the EU.

“The day after wouldn’t be a good day if there were a Brexit, neither for the U.K. nor for the EU,” Moscovici told Bloomberg Television on the margins of a conference in Berlin on Monday. “It would be a better day, a much better day, if Remain wins.”

It is important for the Remain campaign “to show the voters that it’s really in Great Britain’s interest to stay in the EU. It’s obviously in the interest of the EU to have Great Britain in,” Moscovici said. “We all know that a Brexit would mean certainly a blow, both to the British economy and also to the European economy.”

Moscovici said he is “not worried” that other EU nations might follow a similar path should the U.K. vote to leave. “But I know they could give food for populism and maybe it would raise some ideas that wouldn’t be relevant,” he said.

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