Slate and Malcolm Gladwell Aim to Become the Next Serial

The Slate Group's podcasting network, Panoply, is hoping its new show, Revisionist History, will be a huge hit.

Panoply Chief Creative Officer Andy Bowers, Chief Revenue Officer Matt Turck and Director of Production Laura Mayer at the Brooklyn Panoply office.

Photographer: Danny Ghitis for Bloomberg

On Thursday, Malcolm Gladwell launched a podcast called Revisionist History. The podcast, which Gladwell says he made in lieu of writing a book, re-examines past events that Gladwell thinks were misinterpreted the first time around. Even before anyone could listen to it, the 10-episode show was a hit. On Wednesday night, it was the top podcast series in iTunes, even though it consisted of nothing more than a three-minute introductory clip. 

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