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Seven Luxurious Beach Towels to Match Your Jet-Set Lifestyle

What you lie on at the beach should be taken very seriously.

The perfect beach towel should be big, large enough for two to sit on and for one to lie comfortably without having too much leg or feet touching the sand. When thinking of colors or pattern, err on the side of playful. Don't be afraid to get creative with your beach towel; you're not actually wearing it. These seven below are investments you can enjoy for the rest of your summers. (And yes, some require serious cash, so please wash them in cold water so they don't fade.)


Hermès Zebra Twins Print Towel

Source: Hermes via Bloomberg

Hermès is known to have the most lavish beach towels on the market. In addition to this pair of Zebras, you can opt for patterns with cheetahs, horses (duh), and elephants.  ($620,


Thom Browne Striped Cotton Towel

Source: Mr Porter Via Bloomberg

Narrow tripes are a Thom Browne signature—leave your mark on the beach with them.  ($390,


Woolrich Desert Sun Beach Towel 

Photographer: Woolrich via Bloomberg

Remember your favorite Woolrich blanket for winter? Well, now it can be your new favorite summer towel. ($49.50,


Giorgio Armani Cotton Beach Towel

Source: Armani via Bloomberg

Giorgio Armani's home collection is a prime example of luxury with a modern take.  Get this two-tone terry cloth beach blanket and take it everywhere with you. ($925,


Missoni Print Beach Towel

Source: Missoni via Bloomberg

The iconic zigzag pattern is now your best friend at the beach. ($229,


Louis Vuitton City Beach Towel

Source: Louis Vuitton via Bloomberg

Beach towels can be loud, with multicolored floral patterns or super bright neon color prints. This one from Louis Vuitton is a handsome and masculine beach towel with just enough color. ($590, Louis Vuitton stores)


Frescobol Carioca Linen Beach towel

Source: Frescobol Carioca via Bloomberg

Get yourself familiar with Frescobol Carioca, a swimwear brand based in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to some exceptional swimwear trunks and really cool skateboards and surfboards, they make a killer linen beach towel, which is lightweight and easy to pack. ($170.11,





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