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Pollsters Flying Blind on Brexit Can Take Solace From Swiss

  • Switzerland’s citizens vote in plebiscites four times a year
  • Pollsters have erred on immigration, ban of minarets
BASEL, SWITZERLAND - OCTOBER 23: People walk past a far-right Swiss People’s Party (SVP - UDC) electoral poster, located in Zurich main train station, featuring black boots walking over the Swiss flag and reading in German 'Now is enough' (L) 'Stop mass immigration' (C), 'Swiss vote SVP' (bottom) on October 23, 2011 in Basel, Switzerland. According to the latest polls, the ultraconservative party could win the next Parliamentary elections held on October 23, passing the 30 per cent of the votes.
Photographer: Harold Cunningham/Getty Images
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It’s not just British polls that get it wrong. Even in Switzerland, where plebiscites have shaped national politics for over a century, the electoral tea leaves can be hard to read.

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