Invest in Green Seersucker for Summer

This Haspel suit tweaks tradition, still keeps you cool.
Source: Haspel
  • Key Details: A modern take on the American classic summer suit. 
  • Competitors: J.Crew Ludlow Suit in Japanese seersucker ($456,, Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald seersucker suit ($498,
  • Price: $695 for the blazer, $295 for trousers.
  • Why It’s Worth It: Lightweight, comfortable, and offered by the people who invented seersucker. 

Although the first official day of summer is still a few weeks away, tell that to those drips of sweat under your wool suit. Actually, just tell your wool suit to beat it. June 9 is Seersucker Thursday, a U.S. Senate tradition that celebrates this American suiting original. (Joseph Haspel Sr. sewed the first suit from seersucker in New Orleans in 1909.) For the sartorially inclined, this congressional dress-up has morphed into a national holiday of sorts. 

Tradition says to purchase a blue-and-white-striped version, but today seersucker comes in many renditions, black on black, gray on white, and white on white. My suggestion is to step out of tradition and go for a new update, such as this green-and-white-striped suit from Haspel (blazer, $695; pants, $295). Besides it being a lightweight, versatile fabric, you can take apart the suit and wear the trousers or blazer as jaunty separates. 

Source: Haspel


And just how does seersucker get that crinkle affect? Typically in other cotton suits, threads called the warp and weft are woven tightly together to make a smooth surface, but with seersucker the mill lets the tension off a bit, allowing the yarns to become slack, which creates the pucker. Thanks to those gaps where it's lifted off the skin, air can circulate, keeping you cool. Now you know. 


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