EU Concessions to Britain ‘Shameful,’ Podemos Leader Says

  • Deal shows ‘lack of respect for other countries:’ Iglesias
  • Spain goes to polls on June 26, Brexit vote on June 23

Pablo Iglesias, leader of the Spanish anti-establishment party Podemos, said the concessions European Union leaders gave David Cameron to help keep the U.K. in the bloc were “shameful.”

Iglesias said in a speech in Madrid Monday that the special deal offered to the U.K. in February undermined the idea of solidarity that is fundamental to the EU.

“Either we recover an idea of Europe linked to welfare or the EU will collapse under its own weight,” Iglesias said. “The conditions brokered to keep the U.K. in show a lack of respect for the other countries.”

Podemos may be the biggest gainer when Spaniards head back to the polls on June 26 in a bid to end the political deadlock that followed December’s general election. After forging an alliance with the former communists of the United Left, Podemos is set to overtake the Socialists to become the second-biggest party. In one poll this weekend, the governing People’s Party’s lead over Podemos was the same as the margin of error.

The Spanish election comes three days after the British referendum on whether to stay in the EU.

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