Trump Wins Washington Primary and Nears Delegate Threshold

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  • Presumptive Republican nominee named finance chairs Tuesday
  • Still needs delegates to cross 1,237 threshold for nomination

Trump, Clinton in Tight Race With Record Unfavorables

Donald Trump won Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary in Washington state, according to the Associated Press, putting the party’s presumptive nominee on the cusp of crossing the delegate threshold required to formally secure his party’s nomination.

The only Republican candidate remaining in the field, Trump has begun running a general-election campaign -- criticizing likely Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, narrowing his search for a running mate, and putting together a fundraising team.

On Tuesday, the mogul announced six prominent figures would serve as co-chairs for his joint fundraising operation with the Republican National Committee, including Woody Johnson, the former finance chairman to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s campaign.

Still, before the Washington state primary, Trump was 68 delegates short of the 1,237 needed to win the Republican nomination outright, according to AP. Washington offered only 44 delegates, some of which may go to Trump’s former rivals who remained on the ballot.


Trump picked up at least 27 delegates in Washington, AP said. He spent Tuesday night at a campaign rally in New Mexico, where protests against him turned violent, according to AP. “Go home to Mommy,” he told demonstrators.

Trump is likely to capture the requisite number in the remaining five contests, which offer more than 300 delegates on June 7.

Democrats awarded Washington state delegates on March 26, with Bernie Sanders besting Clinton but failing to knock her off her trajectory to win that party’s nomination. Sanders’ campaign on Tuesday moved to ask Kentucky for a re-canvass after Clinton edged the Vermont senator there by less than half a percentage point last week.