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The Stadium Boondoggle Is Migrating to the Suburbs

When suburbs pay massive subsidies for professional ballparks, everyone suffers.
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USA Today Sports/Reuters

The Texas Rangers are off to a decent start. They’re over .500, second in the American League West, 11-12 on the road (meh), and they employ the best boxer in baseball. Oh, and the team is up to receive $450 million from the suckers who live in Arlington, Texas.

The city of Arlington wants to build the Texas Rangers a new ballpark—a $900 million ballpark—and is pledging to pay half. This announcement, first reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, comes only 22 years after the city of Arlington built the team its latest modern ballpark. And just six years ago, the facility underwent extensive renovations. Arlington voters will decide whether to finance the ballpark by extending the half-cent sales tax that they approved to build still another venue—AT&T Stadium, better known as Jerry World.