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Gluten-Free Craft Beer That Isn't Gross

Plus fantastic bottles of cider and mead—just in case.

Much like the absence of meat shouldn’t make vegetarian food unpalatable, nor should drink be rendered drab when one has a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. Here, three genuinely tasty gluten-reduced or gluten-free craft beers, as well as some cider and mead options to compete with wine.

NB: For celiacs specifically, it is important to make sure you can consume beer with trace amounts of gluten before seeking these examples out.

Brasserie Dupont, Forêt Libre

Source: Craft Beer & Brewing

Saison Dupont Vieille Provision is arguably the stylistic benchmark for farmhouse ales. For this offering, Dupont’s Forêt Libre, they utilize the same recipe and yeast while crafting before ultimately removing gluten from the finished product. The resulting brew is accessibly light-bodied yet still chock full of the famous terroir-driven funk of their famed standard saison.


Mikkeller, I Wish IPA

Source: Mikkeller

Danish gypsy icon Mikkeller has worked hard to create certified Gluten Free (containing <20 parts per million) beers that can be legitimately enjoyed by those without any sensitivity as well. For I Wish, a nicely bitter IPA, has been crafted with a caramel-sweet body backing citrus-heavy hop flavors. To quote the producer themselves, “In your face, gluten!”


Stone Brewing, Delicious IPA

Source: Stone Brewing

California’s Stone (the United States's 15th largest brewery, as of 2015) never remains content traveling down the easy road. For the aptly-named Delicious IPA the aim was to see if a gluten-reduced hoppy ale could fit in amongst the rest of their esteemed lineup. A surprising success, the beer packs a terrific array of tropical fruit notes.


Aaron Burr Cidery, Appinette

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Fans of Hamilton and rustic cider alike flock to the feral apple wine from Aaron Burr. Foraged, pressed, fermented, blended and bottled by fancy lad Andy Brennan, few ciders boast nearly the complexity as those bearing his name on the label. The earthy and vinous Appinette—70 percent apple cider blended with 30 percent Traminette grape must—is a true bridge between the wild cider and natural wine worlds and is excellent served with food.


Domaine Familial Louis Dupont, Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie

Source: Familie Dupont

In Normandy there is practically one beautiful old legacy farmstead cidery per citizen, and liquid apples are an intrinsic part of the lifestyle (Jus de Pomme for breakfast, Demi-sec for lunch, Pommeau before dinner, Brut with dinner, Calvados after dinner). Famed Calvados producer Dupont is one of the few to export their cider to the States. Their Brut is one of the most perfect expressions of the region—dry, funky and sublimely delicious.



B. Nektar Meadery, Stupid Man Suit

Source: B. Nektar Meadery

B. Nektar produces the very best sparkling session-meads in the country, and their new Stupid Man Suit is no exception. Named in reference to the 2001 cult classic flick Donnie Darko, the blend of raspberry, black currant, and cherry atop the honey-fermented base yields fantastic fruit-forward results. Sweet, tart, and exceedingly guzzle-able.

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