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The Most Beautiful Car of 2016 Is Already Here

Aston Martin’s latest supercar concept, the Vanquish Zagato, combines the best parts of the DB11, the Vulcan, the One-77, and the Vantage GTS all in one vehicle.

Aston Martin has just unveiled what gets my vote for the most beautiful car of the year: the Vanquish Zagato Concept.

The British auto brand and the Italian coach builder have designed five cars together, dating back to the DB4 GT Zagato in 1960. This is their first since the V12 Vantage Zagato, in 2013.  


This is the fifth car that the British auto brand and the Italian design house have made together.

Source: Aston Martin

The concept was developed at Aston headquarters in Gaydon, England. The new bodywork is made entirely of carbon fiber, and fresh proportions give it a stance that’s more aggressively styled than its production counterpart.


The concept was developed at Aston headquarters in Gaydon, England; interior work was conceived in Milan. 

Source: Aston Martin

In fact, the car combines the best elements of just about every Aston Martin model. The Vanquish Zagato Concept has new lights and round tail reflectors that make it look like a classic Zagato, but this year’s version also uses the supermodern “bladed” LED lights it debuted on the track-only Aston Martin Vulcan. Its winglike mirrors are inspired by the One-77 Aston; its sculpted rear and retractable spoiler evoke the best assets of the DB11.


It comes with a retractable rear spoiler and two slight “bubbles” in the roofline.

Source: Aston Martin

That subtle double indentation dipping into the rear-window glass—the so-called double bubble—is a throwback to 1950 Zagato models, which required extra space above the seats to accommodate racing helmets without ruining the entire aerodynamic profile of the car.


Winglike mirrors and sculpted sides are inspired by the One-77.

Source: Aston Martin

Like the limited-edition Vantage GTS I drove last week, it has a quad-exhaust format and carbon-fiber sills that circle the lower part of the car. The windshield and side mirrors blur into one glass frame that wraps around the front of the car; the sides run from wheel arches to doors in the design first introduced by the CC100. It’s a lot to take in.


The windshield wraps around the car from side to side like the cockpit on a private jet.

Source: Aston Martin

Inside, Aston has added herringbone-patterned carbon fiber with leather and “Z” quilt stitching on the headrest, seats, center console, and door sections. The V12 engine is boosted to 600ps (592hp), with enhanced engine systems and chassis dynamics that make driving the thing almost as exciting as just looking at it. But I’m guessing you were already sold on this car without needing to know that.


Aston has added herringbone-patterned carbon fiber with leather and “Z” quilt stitching on the headrest, seats, center console, and door sections.

Source: Aston Martin

Unfortunately, Aston hasn’t confirmed prospective pricing on the car, or even whether it’ll actually make any of them. (The 2013 Aston Martin V12 Zagato cost roughly $450,000.) So start saying your prayers now. The world needs more beautiful machines, and this one looks downright heavenly.


Aston did not respond to questions regarding when—if ever—it will produce the Vanquish Zagato Concept.

Source: Aston Martin
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