Argentine Foreign Minister Malcorra Said to Seek UN’s Top Job

Argentina’s Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra is putting herself forward as a candidate to replace Ban Ki-Moon as the United Nations Secretary General.

Malcorra, who served as Ban’s cabinet chief before being tapped to work for the Argentine government, has received the go-ahead from President Mauricio Macri, according to a official with knowledge of the matter who is not authorized to speak publicly on the issue.

For the first time in 70 years, the UN is holding open hearings for those hoping to become its next secretary-general. So far nine candidates -- five men and four women -- have submitted themselves to the entire 193 members of the General Assembly. Malcorra said earlier on Friday in a radio interview from Beijing that it was up to Macri to give his approval before putting herself forward and that she expected the UN to make a decision by October.

“It’s President Macri’s decision, which he will make depending on what he sees are the opportunities to insert Argentina in the world in different ways,” Malcorra told Radio Mitre. “Everything indicates that he’s inclining toward that.”

Leadership of the UN historically rotates among regions, with Eastern Europe in theory the next in line. Ban Ki-moon of South Korea, steps down at the end of this year after finishing a pair of five-year terms in which he helped negotiate a climate change treaty, responded to a devastating earthquake in Haiti, plead for peace in Syria and responded to accusations of sexual misconduct by blue-helmeted peacekeepers in Africa.

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