The Race to Build the Best VR Camera is Escalating

Google is working with new camera manufacturers IMAX and Yi Technology to ramp up production

2016 Google I/O Keynote in Two Minutes

One of the most impressive things Google unveiled at its developers conference last May was an odd, disc-shaped gadget called the Odyssey. The device, which measured about a foot in diameter, held 16 GoPro cameras that pointed every which way, so that it could film in 360 degrees. Buyers would get access to Google’s software for stitching the synced videos from each camera into virtual reality videos, intended to be watched on headsets like Facebook's Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard. Turning the raw footage into actual videos is a heavy-duty computing task, and Google wrote software to do it on its own servers. The sticker price? $15,000. 

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