You Can Wear Hawaiian Shirts This Year and Not Look Like Grandpa

Bright-colored shirts with floral, palm, or fruit patterns are having a moment. Here are eight you can wear without fear of looking tacky.

From Pineapples from Valentino to Tulips from Bonobos

Graphic: Evan Ortiz/Bloomberg; Water: Richard Cummins/Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images; Shirts: Vendors via Bloomberg

Floral shirts are no longer for the tourist getting off a plane from Hawaii. For the past few years, brands have been making the once-lame shirt cool again. When cut well, and when patterned with attractive punches of color, the shirts can provide a welcome alternative to the same polo shirt or pale blue Oxford you've worn summer after summer. 

Don't assume you can't wear this trend until you've looked through the eight shirts below.  

Floral shirts from Denim & Supply,

Floral shirts from Denim & Supply,

Source: Ralph Lauren via Bloomberg

But first, some style tips:

  1. Ditch the sleeves. Wearing a full-sleeve floral shirt almost always means you're covering yourself in too much loud print.  
  2. Stay away from really crazy colors. Red, blue, and green? Sure. Highlighter yellow, or neon green? No, you're not signaling to alien aircraft.  
  3. Control the pattern. Pair your floral shirt with a neutral chino or a pair of denim. 
  4. Layer. If you want another way to mute the loud pattern on your shirt, throw on a lightweight knit, like a cardigan, or a denim jacket.


Saint Laurent Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt 

Source: Saint Laurent via Bloomberg

Hedi Slimane's last collection for Saint Laurent included palm trees, and tons of them. Here's your chance to own a piece. ($690,

Bonobos Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt

Source: Bonobos via Bloomberg

Bonobos has a full line of essentials for men and offers guideshops throughout the U.S. so you can try them on—and still get the items delivered straight to your home. This teal Hawaiian palm shirt comes in two sizes, slim and standard. ($85,

Kenneth Cole Short-Sleeve Palm Tree Shirt 

Source: Kenneth Cole via Bloomberg

Black and white is an easy way to feel like you are avoiding "too much" print. ($69,

Valentino Camp Collar Printed Shirt 

Source: Mr Porter via Bloomberg

This isn't your traditional floral shirt. Instead, Valentino substituted tulips and roses with your favorite fruit that you never actually eat: pineapples. ($750,

Marc Jacobs Shadow Leaf Short-Sleeve Short 

Source: Marc Jacobs via Bloomberg

Marc Jacobs is known for making quirky shirts that are actually wearable, like this one. ($660,

Sandro Duke Shirt 

Source: Sandro Paris via Bloomberg

This is the perfect "Aloha" shirt. The red feels rich and exciting, and although it's really bright, it works. ($195,

Club Monaco Short-Sleeve Floral Shirt 

Source: Club Monaco via Bloomberg

A subdued version of the Hawaiian shirt, such as this one from Club Monaco, is a great way to tiptoe into the trend. ($89.50,

J.Crew Short-Sleeve Shirt 

Source: J. Crew via Bloomberg

If you're feeling courageous and want to embrace the theme fully, this number from J.Crew is for you. The pattern is apparent, the mix of colors is bold, and the shirt will make you stick out in the best way possible. ($59.50,

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