Saudis Staying the Course on Oil; Trump Talks Taxes: Sunday Wrap

  • Canada fire shuts down 40 percent of region's oil output
  • `Captain America' conquers U.S. movie audiences, more or less

Here are highlights of Sunday’s top breaking stories from around the world:

Saudi Arabia’s new oil minister, named Saturday in a shakeup of top government posts, said he’ll maintain the kingdom’s policy of prioritizing market share over prices, and that’s how analysts see it as well.

By Canada’s morning, the fire in Alberta will cover an area roughly the size of Luxembourg, with the weather lending some assistance but not as much as authorities say is needed to slow the inferno. The fire has cut 40 percent of the region’s normal daily oil output. The affected companies say they can restart production in a week -- if only the fire danger would pass. Donations are coming in from as far away as China to help the 80,000 people displaced by the blaze.

U.S. Republican presidential nominee-to-be Donald Trump is in favor of middle-class tax cuts. Or tax cuts for the rich. Or both. Or either. He says he’ll propose a plan if elected knowing it will end up being something else.

China’s economy has progressed from slumping to steadier-if-unconvincing, judging from the latest economic data released over the weekend. The latest showed exports rising in yuan terms -- but falling in dollar terms -- while imports slumped.

U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said leaving the European Union would be “catastrophic” for the economy by, among other things, wrecking home values.

The International Monetary Fund is worried that negative interest rates in Denmark, which has had them longer than anywhere else, may be inflating a housing bubble.

The latest “Captain America” movie fell a little short of box-office estimates on its opening weekend but was still squarely in the hit category for Walt Disney Co.

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