Ex-BSI Banker Yeo Faces Three More Charges in 1MDB-Linked Probe

  • Total of six charges now brought against former private banker
  • Prosecution follows investigation related to 1MDB fund

Singapore authorities brought three further charges against Yeo Jiawei, the former BSI SA private banker caught up in probes related to 1Malaysia Development Bhd., in a court hearing on Thursday.

Yeo was charged with cheating BSI by dishonest concealment, transferring $500,000 which represented his benefit from cheating and perverting the course of justice, bringing the total charges against him to six. Prosecutors in the city had already accused him of attempting to pervert the course of justice, cheating his former employer and money laundering in previous charges, the first of which was brought on April 16.

While the charges didn’t mention 1MDB by name, they stem from investigations into the fund’s money flows, people familiar with the case had said. Yeo, 33, had proposed investment products to 1MDB while at BSI and was questioned as part of Singapore’s probe, the people had said.

Yeo’s lawyer Philip Fong said in court that other employees and ex-employees of BSI are in a position to explain some of the transactions under investigation.

“My client is not the only person who can assist while the other employees are not even being arrested or kept in remand,” Fong said.

The prosecution responded by asserting Yeo’s importance to their case, and claiming that Yeo received secret profits of at least $4 million. He also took "extraordinary steps to cover his involvement" and disguise the flows of illicit monies to himself and his family members, Kwek Mean Luck, second solicitor-general, said at the hearing.

“Not every employee plays the same role," Kwek said. “Mr. Yeo has played a key role.”

District judge Christopher Goh allowed prosecutors to further remand Yeo until May 12.

The criminal case is Public Prosecutor v Yeo Jiawei, Singapore State Court.

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