Burkina Faso Cancels Warrant for Former President Compaore

  • Supreme Court prosecutor cites irregularities in murder case
  • Arrest order also lifted for Ivory Coast parliament speaker

Burkina Faso canceled an arrest warrant for former President Blaise Compaore who had been charged with the murder of his predecessor.

The order was lifted because of an irregularity tied to how the charges were filed, Supreme Court General Prosecutor Armand Ouedraogo said in an interview in the capital, Ouagadougou. A warrant for Ivory Coast’s Parliament Speaker Guillaume Soro was also lifted because of similar problems, he said.

Military judges can reissue the warrants and may do so as soon as Monday, Ouedraogo said.

Compaore left office after youth movements led protests against his attempts to extend his 27 years in office in 2014. The former president took power in the 1980s after the death of President Thomas Sankara. Burkina Faso is Africa’s largest cotton grower and fourth-largest gold producer.

The military put down a coup attempt in 2015 that threatened to derail the transitional government. Soro was accused of playing a role in the failed coup. Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso are neighbors. Soro has denied the charge. Compaore hasn’t spoken publicly and lives in Ivory Coast.

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