Macron Proposes French-German Deal That Breaks Down Old Taboos

  • French economy minister cited in German newspaper interview
  • Europe needs new lease on life, Macron tells Die Zeit

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron suggested in a German newspaper interview that France give up sovereignty rights and Germany sacrifice “financial autonomy” as a way to strengthen the bond between the two countries that have driven European unity.

“We have to breathe new life into Europe,” Macron was quoted as saying by Die Zeit, a Hamburg-based weekly, in comments released to other media on Wednesday. “Everyone has to give up taboos.”

France is wary of giving up sovereignty, while Germany doesn’t want to give up financial autonomy, he was quoted as saying. “I say let’s do both,” Macron told Die Zeit. “We need more Europe. Only Europe can protect us.”

Macron, 38, announced the start of a political movement this month, stoking speculation that he may run in next year’s French presidential election. While polls suggest Francois Hollande is the nation’s least popular president, Macron insists that his move doesn’t mean he’ll run for office.

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