‘Warrior’ Bishop, Ex-Speaker, Dumped by Australian Liberal Party

  • Bishop defeated by Falinksi in pre-election battle, Age says
  • Former Speaker stood down in August after expenses controversy

By Tim Smith
(Bloomberg) -- Bronwyn Bishop, who has been an Australian lawmaker since 1987 and rose to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, was last night passed over by the Liberal Party to represent them at the next federal election.
Bishop, 73, was defeated in a pre-selection battle by Jason Falinski, who was the preferred candidate of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the Age newspaper reported.
The former Speaker stood down from the position in August amid a controversy over travel expenses, which included a A$5,000 ($3,863) helicopter ride to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser.
“Bronwyn Bishop has a very secure and honored place in the Liberal Party,” Attorney-General Senator George Brandis said in an interview on Sky News’ AM Agenda program. “She will be remembered as a life-long warrior for the liberal cause.”
Former prime minster Tony Abbott, who was ousted by Turnbull in September, praised Bishop’s service to her electorate.
“I thank Bronwyn Bishop for her service to the electorate, party and country for many years,” Abbott tweeted. “She has been a warrior for good causes and deserves the gratitude of all members of the Liberal Party.”
Turnbull has said he will call a double dissolution election unless the Senate agrees to pass legislation to crack down on unions when it meets over the next two weeks.
A double dissolution election hasn’t been held since 1987. All 150 seats in the House of Representatives and all 76 Senate seats will be up for grabs in the ballot. In a normal election, only half the Senators from the six states are replaced.
Bishop was elected to the Senate in 1987 before resigning in 1994 to contest and win the seat of Mackellar in Sydney’s north. She also served as minister for both Defense Industry, Science and Personnel and Aged Care in her time in parliament.

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