Photographer: Jonathan Fenton

SPEND: These $82,000 Motorcycles Are Roaring Works of Art

Auto Fabrica’s Type 6 and Type 8 bikes are simple and beautiful.

A vintage Jaguar E-Type, a Berluti shoe, an Eames chair: These are functionally excellent objects that are so beautiful, they almost feel like art. If you’re lucky enough to acquire one, you rarely let it go.

Count the two Auto Fabrica motorcycles (called Type 6 and Type 8) on sale now at the M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva among that lot.


Bujar Muharremi (left) and Gazmend Muharremi.

Photographer: Jonathan Fenton

London-based Albanian brothers Bujar and Gazmend Muharremi built them with the priorities of minimalism and heritage top of mind. The idea was to remove the clutter of vintage-style bikes and instead achieve modern-day simplicity of design. What’s left is a simple but beautiful frame and wheels, plus bodywork, plus engine. Genius.

The Type 6 and Type 8 are built from the remains of old bikes—a 1979 Yamaha XS650 and a 1981 Honda CX500, respectively—so they run with a magic that Steve McQueen himself would recognize.

Auto Fabrica Type 6

The Auto Fabrica Type 6.

Photographer: Jonathan Fenton

The Type 6 has a 650-cc engine and weighs just 450 pounds; the Type 8 has a 495-cc engine and weighs 28 pounds more. Their hard aluminum bodies have been pounded by hand, using the old style of motorcycle making—you’ll see it in the scalloped section at the rear of the tank where it meets the seat in one full piece—so that they stay light and nimble around corners, up hills, through traffic. Each one takes six months to build.

Prices start at 80,000 Swiss francs ($82,766). Fewer than 12 of each will be made.

The Auto Fabrica Type 8.
The Auto Fabrica Type 8.
Photographer: Jonathan Fenton
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