Lyft Is Gaining on Uber as It Spends Big for Growth

The ride-hailing company, known for its pink mustaches, is successfully luring customers and drivers in a costly land grab with its bigger rival.

Is Ride-Sharing a Winner-Take-All Market?

Visit many of America’s top landmarks, and amid the crowds of tourists, you’ll find hip, young people in pink, mustache T-shirts. This small army, spread across 20 of the largest U.S. cities, has been out in full force since late last year, handing out $50 Lyft ride vouchers to anyone passing by. For those who happen to miss the street teams, Lyft Inc. has been running giant billboards in Times Square and on bus stops around the country. Once a customer signs up, the company keeps them coming back by offering half-off fares on weekdays in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, and other cities.

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