A Little Fuzzy on Brexit? A Two-Minute Video Explainer

Polls suggest the vote in Britain could go either way.

Brexit: What happens if the U.K. leaves the EU

Don't know your Schengen Agreement from your subsidiarity? The referendum on a British exit from the European Union, or Brexit, can be a trifle confusing.

Prime Minister David Cameron called for the vote, to be held on June 23, but is leading the campaign for Britain to stay inside the EU. Boris Johnson, mayor of London, one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities, wants Britain to get out of the free-trade bloc. 

As this video proves, though, it’s not so complicated, if you have one minute and 52 seconds to spare.

QuickTake Will Britain Leave the EU?

At issue is how much power Brits are prepared to do without to trade and travel freely across the 28-nation EU, and whether they still accept that citizens of those countries get to trade and travel freely with Britain. The Vote Leave campaign talks about sovereignty but draws much of its support from a political impulse to control immigration. The Remain campaign is focused on warning undecided voters of the risks of Brexit: trade barriers with the EU, a collapse in the pound, a “decade of uncertainty.”

Polls suggest the vote could go either way. See Brexit Watch for a graphic snapshot of how it stands now.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” Johnson told voters in March. He then added a line that Franklin Roosevelt probably meant to include. “Even fear,” Johnson ventured, “is not that scary.” 

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