EU's Tusk Says Stakes Remain High in Confronting Refugee Crisis

European Union President Donald Tusk said the stakes continue to be high in the EU’s efforts to tackle the refugee crisis.

QuickTake Europe's Refugee Crisis

“Everyone has finally understood how high the stakes were and how high they still continue to be,” Tusk said on Wednesday at European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. “The solutions we are putting into practice are not ideal and will not end our work. Also, the deal with Turkey is not perfect and we are fully aware of its risks and weaknesses,” he said.

“The deal with Turkey and closing the western Balkans route raised doubts of an ethical nature and also legal as in the case of Turkey. I share some of these doubts, too,” Tusk said. “They can only be dispelled by putting the solutions -- as they were agreed in every detail -- into practice.”

“The main goal we decided on was to stem irregular migration to Europe,” Tusk said. “Without this and without restoring control over European migration policy, we would be unable to prevent political catastrophes. Here I mean the collapse of Schengen, loss of control over our external borders with all its implications for our security, political chaos in the EU, a widespread feeling of insecurity, and ultimately the triumph of populism and extremism,” he said.

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