Moscovici Seeks Progress on Greek Debt Relief at IMF, Monde Says

European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said he is pressing for progress on reducing Greece’s debt burden at this week’s International Monetary Fund meetings in Washington, according to an interview in Le Monde newspaper.

“Greece has made a lot of progress by Greece on income tax, on pension reform, and the privatization fund,” Moscovici is quoted as saying. “We don’t yet have an agreement. That said, we now have the broad lines, and Washington will be the opportunity to discuss the closing of the review and the question of the debt. The two things are linked: the more reforms there are and the harder they are, the less need there is for debt relief,” Moscovici said.

Bailout auditors from the European Commission, the euro area’s crisis fund, the European Central Bank and the IMF have been holding another round of talks with government officials in Athens for the past week to discuss policy measures attached to the country’s bailout.

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