Sanders Feuds With GE; EU's First Bank `Bail-In': Sunday Wrap

  • Trump convention manager decries Cruz `Gestapo tactics'
  • World's tallest tower proposed by Burj Khalifa developer

Here are highlights of Sunday’s top breaking news stories:

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders re-upped his rhetoric about General Electric being a greedy tax dodger, adding that Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt was untruthful in saying Sanders has never visited GE’s plant in his home state of Vermont.

Donald Trump’s new convention manager wasted little time before channeling his boss, saying rival Ted Cruz’s campaign used “Gestapo tactics” to win all 34 Republican presidential delegates from Colorado in that state’s weekend nominating conference.

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron keeps struggling to put the revelations of the Panama Papers behind him. Even as he released six years of tax returns and announced the formation of a tax evasion task force to try to bat down revelations he profited from an offshore account, the Sunday papers in London reported he’d received 200,000 pounds from his mother in a way that could avoid inheritance taxes. 

President Barack Obama, in a rare appearance on Fox News, said he can guarantee the U.S. Justice Department investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server will be fair and free of political favoritism. He also said not having a plan for Libya once Moammar Qaddafi was ousted was the biggest mistake of his presidency.

In the first use of the European Union’s new “bail-in” process for failed banks, Austrian regulators will force senior creditors of Heta to take a 54 percent haircut on the value of their debts. 

Emaar Properties announced plans to construct the world’s tallest skyscaper in Dubai, one that will be “a notch taller” than its Burj Khalifa.

The terrorists who struck Brussels last month had been plotting a fresh attack in France, but changed their plans as the police were closing in on them, Belgian prosecutors said.

Ukraine’s prime minister resigned in what actually may be a net positive for resolving the country’s political crisis and getting an economic bailout agreement with the International Monetary Fund back on track.

Russia isn’t the only major oil producer to be pumping record amounts of crude amid talk of restraint: now Iraq is as well.

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