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L.A. Is Putting a Mini-Golf Course on Skid Row

It’s a whimsical approach to addressing serious problems with gentrification and homelessness in Los Angeles.
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Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Los Angeles’ newest miniature golf course will not be like any other. Instead of safari-themed obstacle courses, this one will feature edifices that address the city’s zoning issues. Oh, and it will sit right inside Skid Row, a neighborhood that has the densest concentration of homeless people in the country.

The installation, which will open in 2017 at the Skid Row History Museum and Archive, is a collaboration between educational artist Rosten Woo and the Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD), a performance group that consists primarily of the city’s homeless. It recently won a $50,000 grant from the Mike Kelley Foundation, which helps fund innovative artistic projects. And despite its whimsical design, the installation tackles the serious issue of the city’s development plans.