Honda Working to Resolve Erroneous Double-Billing of Customers

  • `Super' high call volume is overwhelming some office systems
  • Car owners vent on Twitter when they can't reach staffers

Honda Motor Co. erroneously double-collected monthly payments from customers, some of them have said, and the company is working to fix any mistakes as quickly as possible, spokesman Sage Marie said in a telephone interview.

“We recognize the seriousness of this issue that some customers are experiencing,” he said in a phone interview. “We understand the urgency and we’re working to resolve it.”

The Japanese automaker is still determining details of the situation, including how many of its car owners are affected. Offices are receiving a “super” high call volume, overwhelming the system in some cases, Marie said.

In the meantime, frustrated customers have been venting on social media.

“Honda decided to deduct my car payment twice this month,” wrote Twitter user @w3ndy412 on Wednesday. “Now they can’t be reached by phone. Fix this please @Honda.”

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