France’s Macron Founds Political Group, Says 2017 Bid Not Aim

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron founded a new political group Wednesday, adding that a 2017 presidential bid is not his objective.

“I decided to create a new political movement, a political movement that isn’t of the left or the right,” Macron told a town hall meeting in Amiens, France, his home turf. The idea is to confront the things that “are blocking our society. It will be a new political movement and I’m not sure it will work. It’s a bit crazy.”

Macron is the only minister in President Francois Hollande’s Socialist government whose popularity is rising. Having consistently pushed for more economic reforms, including a losening of labor laws, the 38 year-old said Wednesday that he believes fundamentally in “liberty -- economic, social and political.”

“This movement is not to have an upteenth candidate for the presidential election,” Macron said. “That’s not my priority right now.”

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