Three Groups Listed as Possible Leaders of `Brexit' Campaign

Three groups who want Britain to leave the European Union will compete to be designated the lead “Brexit” campaigner ahead of the June 23 referendum.

While the campaign to remain in the bloc has only one candidate, Britain Stronger in Europe, the Electoral Commission announced on Friday it had received applications from Grassroots Out, Vote Leave and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition to lead the “Leave” campaign.

The winner, to be announced by April 14, will be allowed to receive a state grant of as much as 600,000 pounds ($860,000), spend 7 million pounds, compared with 700,000 pounds for other registered campaign groups, and be allocated TV broadcasts and free mailing to voters.

There has been a struggle between the rival “Leave” groups amid disagreements over tactics and leadership. Nigel Farage, leader of the U.K. Independence Party and a leading member of Grassroots Out, delivered his group’s application to the commission on Thursday, claiming that it has the broadest supporter base.

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