French Terror Suspect Charged After Guns, Explosives Discovered

  • Appartment search found guns, explosives, stolen passports
  • Attack may have been imminent, Paris prosecutor says

Terror suspect Reda Kriket was charged with conspiring to commit terrorism after a police operation last week foiled a possible attack, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said at a press conference Wednesday.

Kriket, a French national, was placed in custody after a six-day hearing that Molins said was justified given the risk of an “imminent terrorist attack and the discovery of an arsenal of weapons and explosives.”

A search of Kriket’s flat in the Paris area found explosives, detonators, Kalashnikov assault riffles and hand guns as well as five stolen French passports and multiple mobile phones, according to the prosecutor.

All signs indicate that the seizure of Kriket’s arsenal prevented “an extremely violent act by a terrorist network ready to take action,” Molins said.

Kriket was arrested during a police raid on Mar. 24 on suspicion he was about to commit an attack. During his interrogation, Kriket supplied very few answers to explain the presence of explosives and weapons and told the investigative magistrate that he isn’t a terrorist, Molins said.

The inquiry began in November 2015 and had focused on Kriket and another suspect who was detained in the Netherlands on March 27, Molins said. Both have been convicted in the past, including a 10-year sentence for Kriket in his absence last year in Belgium in relation to a network sending jihadists to Syria.

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