French Judges Allow Cahuzac Double Jeopardy Claim to Proceed

  • French Constitutional Council to review fired French minister
  • France’s Supreme Court rules on Cahuzac double jeopardy bid

Former French Budget Minister Jerome Cahuzac won support of judges on the country’s supreme court over his plea that his double-jeopardy claim deserves further examination, hurting the tax fraud case against him.

Supreme court judges said Wednesday that France’s constitutional council should decide whether Cahuzac and his ex-wife can be tried over facts that have already led to a fine from national tax authorities. The double jeopardy claims forced Paris’ criminal court to postpone its trial in February.

Cahuzac was forced to resign as budget minister in 2013 over undeclared offshore accounts after lying for months when quizzed about the matter. A wealthy plastic surgeon who had been considered one of the Socialist Party’s brightest stars, Cahuzac was supposed to be spearheading the government’s fight against tax evasion.

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