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April Bloomfield’s $25 Burger Doesn’t Come With Fries: Review

At Salvation Burger in midtown Manhattan, everything for the fantastic burgers is made from scratch.

People have been asking what I think about Salvation Burger since the day it opened in early February. It's a burger place and everyone loves to talk about burgers, but the star burger at Salvation Burger costs $25 and doesn't come with French fries. This detail deeply upsets people because everyone wants fries with their burger. The ones at Salvation Burger—which are thin, crisp in places, and wonderfully salty—cost an additional $7.

Sure, you can find a cheaper hamburger dinner elsewhere. A squishy Shack Burger, which is inconsistently delicious, costs just over $5, and the cheeseburger at Rose’s is one of my favorites at $17, spare and cheering. The twin patties at Houseman are profoundly satisfying at $19, under a heap of caramelized mushroom and onion. There's no arguing that burgers can't be luxury items: Minetta Tavern’s fat, hard-seared burger is $32 (with fries).