Cameron's Easter Message Calls for Defeat of Terrorist Ideology

  • Counter-terrorism investigations are continuing in Europe
  • Petraeus says ``Brexit'' would leave the West more vulnerable

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron called for Britons to defeat the ideology behind the Brussels terrorist attacks that left more than 30 people dead last week, the worst attack of its kind in Belgium’s history.

“When terrorists try to destroy our way of life, as they have tried to do again so despicably in Brussels this week, we must stand together and show that we will never be cowed by terror,” Cameron said in an Easter video message. “We must defeat the pernicious ideology that is the root cause of this terrorism by standing up proudly for our values and our way of life.”

Counter-terrorism investigations are continuing in several European countries amid fears of further plots. German police earlier arrested two men in connection with the Brussels attacks, Spiegel reported. French President Francois Hollande warned late Friday that even if the terrorism network behind the attacks in Paris and Brussels “is being wiped out, there’s still a threat weighing on us.”

Cameron’s call for unity on the terror threat comes as U.K. voters are considering whether to remain part of the European Union ahead of a June referendum.

General David Petraeus, the retired U.S. military officer, said in a Sunday Telegraph editorial that a so-called “Brexit” vote to leave the EU would leave the West more vulnerable to terror plots, and that diplomatic, military and intelligence cooperation must be deepened.