Somalia's Puntland Says It Repelled Al-Shabaab Raids on Coast

Armed forces in Somalia’s Puntland region killed dozens of al-Qaeda-linked militants in two coastal locations, the semi-autonomous government said. There was no independent confirmation of the fighting.

Troops in the Dhinowda area killed 112 al-Shabaab fighters and captured 61 others, with operations still under way, Information Minister Mohamoud Hassan told reporters Tuesday in the regional capital, Garowe. Clashes that have now ended in the town of Suuj led to the deaths of 55 Islamist militants, with 43 seized, he said.

Muhaydin Ahmed, the army general who led the Suuj operation, told reporters that two soldiers were killed and four injured.

Puntland has avoided most of the violence carried out by al-Shabaab, which has waged an insurgency in Somalia since 2006. Last week the group briefly held another port town before withdrawing.

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