Faber: I'd Vote for Trump Because 'Hillary Clinton Will Destroy the Whole World'

It's all relative.

Faber is throwing down the gauntlet.

Marc Faber, author of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, has thrown down the gauntlet on who he thinks should be the next president of the U.S.

During an interview on Bloomberg TV, Faber said that the U.S. would not be a sound, well-run economy like Singapore's "unless of course the U.S. is run by Mr. Trump, then the U.S. will improve."

He tempered his assessment seconds later when asked if he was serious, indicating that Donald Trump might not necessarily be good for the U.S., but that other options were worse.

"It's all relative," he said. "Given the alternatives, I would vote for Mr. Trump because he may only destroy the U.S. economy, but Hillary Clinton will destroy the whole world."

A statement befitting the title of his newsletter, to be sure.

"Look at her nation-building in the Middle East, how successful that has been," he added with a laugh.

Asked about Donald Trump's protectionist leanings, Faber adopted a stance very similar to that of the real estate mogul.

Faber said that restrictions on free markets were not ideal, but that "the U.S. has essentially given in on a lot of things that benefit other countries."

He indicated that emerging markets' economic outperformance of the developed world in the new millennium served as statistical proof of this assertion.

"Maybe we have to find a way to have a more balanced approach to global trade," he said "I'm not saying protectionism, but a more balanced approach that is fairer to the developed world."

This isn't the firebrand's first foray into the political sphere. Following the 2012 presidential election, Faber said that Barack Obama's reelection was "very negative" for the U.S. economy.