U.S. Voters Must Choose Wisely, EU Envoy Says as Trump Plows On

As Donald Trump continues his push to become the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, the wisdom of U.S. voters will be put to the test, said David O’Sullivan, the European Union’s ambassador to Washington.

O’Sullivan said he’s keeping an eye on the election cycle, when asked about the tone of the U.S. presidential race and Trump’s push to face voters in November.

“We follow with great interest one of the most unpredictable general elections,” O’Sullivan said Thursday at a conference in Brussels held by the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union. “It’s a testing way of choosing the president and fascinating process. It’s relentlessly democratic, I hope they choose wisely.”

O’Sullivan said British voters also have a big choice ahead of them in their June 23 referendum on European Union membership. He said his personal hope is that U.K. voters will choose to stay in the 28-nation bloc.

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, speaking at the same event, said populism often leads voters to seek simple solutions and makes it harder for nations to show solidarity on tough issues.

“The U.S. general election campaign illustrates the vitality of US politics,” Bettel said. “Needless to say I will not comment on the campaign or its protagonists.”

Trump’s run for the White House has shed light on the profile of a new cadre of voters, said Joseph Quinlan, senior fellow at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Transatlantic Relations. “Trump is fascinating but more fascinating is people who like him,” Quinlan said. “He’s a decent businessman so it’s not the end of the world.”

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